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  • Give people a reason to click the social buttons on your website
  • People need some incentive to spark their interests and drive them to share
  • Ask people to “pay” with a share to get access to your video, coupon, or any digital download
  • Create social buttons that carry “bribes” behind the social share buttons and have the software automatically release the gifts when a visitor shares
  • Add viral traffic to your website, your landing page or your sales funnel
  • Improve the social performance of your website, get more shares, likes, followers and attract quality traffic from social media

How Does It Work?

Do you have social buttons on every page of your website, but visitors still don’t share your content?

People are always asking "what's in it for me?"

Giving people a reason to click the share buttons on your website can spark their interests and drive them to take action.

Why will Bribeshare help you and your customers?


Visitors Want Value

People are willing to drive social traffic for you, but they want to be valued and not feel robbed. Bribeshare will add viral traffic to your website by increasing the value your visitors receive. When users share your page, they get access to content you've made available to get shares. When shares happen, their friends will see it and some of them will come back and keep increasing your traffic. It's a viral traffic loop.


No More Struggles To Build A Quality Audience

Every website owner knows how difficult and expensive it is to get traffic especially for new websites with a low budget. Offering valuable "bribes" allows you to build loyalty and true fans by making it in their interest to be your evangelist.


Improve your SEO And Social Footprint Without Trying

The search engines and social media algorthims take many factors into consideration to figure out what to display. The influence of your site increases when people are visiting your site and driving up your engagement by sharing and getting other people engaged as well. The higher the shares, the more the algorthims believe its worthwhile and shower your website with more free traffic.

You may be thinking "how can I take advantage of this?"


Well, by becoming a customer!

It's the easiest way to get more social shares.



The Easiest Platform To Upgrade Your Social Buttons And Increase Social Traffic. Get tons of shares across social media by offering "bribes" and bring back viral traffic to your website!

  • The more shares you get, the more it signals to Google that you have great content
  • Getting tons of shares give social proof and gets people buzzing
  • Give people a reason to click the social buttons on your site
  • Incentivize people to spark their interests and drive them to share
  • Let Your Visitors Bring Viral Traffic, Hot Leads & Sales For You
  • The easiest way to get more social shares
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Bribeshare drives more social shares

Get More Shares By Giving A "Bribe."

By offering a free prize like a coupon, video or any type of file, you encourage people to share.

We get more of what we incentivize.


Upload "Bribe"

With a single click, upload the giveaway.


Add Share Buttons

Embed the safe and lightweight piece of code on your website.


Get Shares

All visitors will see that they can share and get something valuable.

Age of Transparency. We are living in a social world and getting more popularity increases your chances of getting your message out there. Let people who have a lot of social friends gain something by spreading your message.


Everyday people have hundreds of friends on average! Tap into these micro audiences through micro influencers. Everyone wants free shares, but rewarding users increases the chances of someone going out of their way to share for you.


Get more quality visitors and shares by offering a free gift to your current website visitors in exchange for sharing your site with the friends.


Want to go viral and get quality traffic and shares? Bribeshare automatically gets people to share your content. It's turbocharged word of mouth marketing.

Upgrade Your Share Buttons And Increase Traffic

Ask visitors to “pay” with a share to get access to your video, coupon, or any digital download


Only Software You'll Need For Social Buttons!

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